• May 9, 2019
  • Abbie Jones
  • Body

Yes! I think it is! For many of us we make our poorest food and meal choices when we are tired, overwhelmed, overly hungry, hangry, running short of time, have had a long and busy day….

One way to successfully navigate this is through good planning and preparation. Sounds a bit dull right? It couldn’t be that simple?

A few years back my dear friend and Yoga Teacher Kate James led a few of us in an Ayurvedic book club called Body Thrive, a programme by Yoga Healer Cate Stillman. Included in the book was the habits of planning your meals for the week, shopping accordingly and then doing a session of meal prep each week to make sure you had a plentiful supply of basics for your meals such as roasting and/or steaming veggies, making a batch of bircher muesli, pre cut raw vegetables, make a dip, make a salad dressing etc..

At the time I seriously objected to being so organised. I thought that putting such a system in place would just make me feel more rigid, more scheduled and locked in! Well, I had to be open to go against my resistance. Give it a go!

So now on most weeks (progress not perfection) I plan my meals ahead for the week.

What I noticed most with this…the dread and general irritation I used to get everyday when I thought “What’s for dinner?” is now rare. I usually know. And just knowing really helps!!

I also noticed that I enjoy preparing the meal more. it doesn’t feel as big a deal.

These two things alone are good enough for me!

In addition to this I try and set aside a few hours on a Sunday or Monday (I love that I can do this on Monday’s now that I’m not studying!) to prep a meal or two. I prep veggies at a minimum which I use for multiple dinners and lunches. I also do a bake which I hope gets me through the whole lunchbox week! Yay.

What I’ve noticed; I eat better lunches! See my post on Lunches for inspiration. I have increased my vegetable intake. And dinners take me way less time in the afternoon.

Three more things that make it totally worth it!

So here’s my major tips:

Planning ahead and doing some prep really does make life easier during a busy week with work, family, school and sport.

A schedule and routine doesn’t provide more rigidity, it provides freedom! Well said Kate James. I always remember that one!

Grab a meal planner and put it on your fridge. Set aside 10-20 min to sit down with a cuppa and some recipe inspiration and plan your weekly meals and shopping list.

Choose some time in your diary to do some meal prep. It can be as simple as a few veggie options. I love to roast pumpkin with cumin and turmeric. This week I steamed Zucchini peelings, roasted pumpkin with cumin and turmeric, steamed silverbeet and roasted potatoes. It’s Thursday and I’ve still got some left for my lunch tomorrow!

Give it a try and let me know how you go!