• January 9, 2020
  • Abbie Jones
  • Yoga

What 2020 looks like for me…

In a word Simplify….

I have spent the past 6 years studying and then re-entering the world of teaching movement, in the new form of Pilates and then Yoga. I have loved all of it and experienced enormous personal growth during that time. I have been privileged to share, teach and be of service.

This year as I completed my Health Coaching course with IIN (incredible) and Life Coaching with Beautiful You Coaching Academy (expansive) I began coaching amazing women in my home town of Esperance. It has been so fulfilling and to be honest, it feels just right.

All the while holding down my ‘day-job’ of being a parent, running a home and business with my husband. I have loved pushing myself, creating new routines and schedules, changing my life essentially to focus more on my career.

As the year draws to a close I reflect on where I am at now. I am so open to moving, changing and allowing things to always evolve. I realise this willingness to change readily is not how everyone works and how it can feel unsettling and sometimes be confronting if you are one who likes consistency – especially consistency for long periods!

So how does Simplify look for me in 2020 and what does this mean for you as my readers, clients, class members and friends?

My main focus for 2020 will be as a Life Coach. I will be working from home and working with beautiful women who want to re-connect to their beautiful self and create a beautiful life.

I have a few projects in the pipeline for 2020, and I will allow them to unfold throughout the year.

I will start building my online teaching platform which has been a dream of mine for a while now. The plan will be for this to go online through 2020 so that more of you may practice under my teaching in your own time and at home. I am so looking forward to this project.

I will possibly teach mini-retreats during the year as one off Yoga Days for women to come and re-charge and re-connect.

So what that means is:

I will close my delightful yoga space in 2020.

Not because it hasn’t worked. It has been just what I wanted and needed in 2019, but it doesn’t fit into my next stage. I am so grateful for the beautiful space and experiences we have had there.

I will have a break from teaching yoga in 2020. Maybe for 3 months, maybe for 12.

Not because I’m sick of it. It has been better than ever in 2019. But I take a break to cast my gaze wider and even better again. My heart is full from teaching in 2019.

All of this new structure allows for me to go back home. Back home to my family to enjoy this special time while I am in the role of being a Mother. The role of the nurturer and home maker.

And finally it allows me to come back home to me.

The more I multi-task and add more roles and responsibilities, the more I try and do it all, the more I am pulled away from connecting to me. This is so important. As a coach this is such a crucial part of what I value and believe in, so I need to ensure that I am being the example.

I thank you for the gift of your presence in my classes over the past few years. This is not the end of my teaching, but just a re-alignment at this stage of my life. I am so excited for 2020 and beyond and what taking the pressure off myself opens up for me.

I love you all.

Abbie xo